BLOGMAS: Ultimate Gift Idea for Her this Christmas.

Purchasing presents for ladies is easy compared to shopping for a man. What? Joke of the century! If you are of this school of thought, I stand to prove you wrong.

Cosmetics, dresses, gems, scents, or extravagance is not always the perfect gift. The movie industry has done no good in portraying most females in this light.

To pick the perfect gift for a female, I will advise you to pay attention to her wants. Put your nose down to identify what she needs. Importantly, you can use her love language to your advantage.

Putting either of these things to mind can help you present a thoughtful gift. 

I want to believe you know of the five love languages described in the book, The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.

It is a book recommended to couples, yet the knowledge can help us in other things, just like I am using it to offer some tips on how to pick a thoughtful gift for her.

If the book I speak of is news to you, I recommend you invest in it. That said, I am not expecting you to read a full book all because you want to buy gifts.  Just add the novel to your wishlist while I walk you through some of its teachings.

  • Acts of service
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation
  • Gifts

Mostly, our first thought goes to spending money when planning to awe a female, but as a lady, I can confirm that knowing her love language can enable you to give her the perfect gift.

At the end of this post, I found and linked content that helped break the five love languages down.

If your lady is into receiving gifts, I have linked some products you can get inspiration from or possibly buy.

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