BLOGMAS: Ultimate Gift Idea for Him this Christmas.

When I say it can be challenging to pick the perfect gift for guys, I speak for myself, especially when he has everything.

Strangely, I have never gotten it wrong when choosing a gift for my husband. I know because he commended my gift-buying skills, and you are about to learn why. 

As I advised in another post, you should pay attention to what he wants, which is hard to pin down. Put your nose down to identify what he needs; in this case, nothing. Importantly, you can use his love language to your advantage.

I want to believe you know of the five love languages described in the book, The Five Love Languages, by Dr Gary Chapman.

If the book I speak of is news to you, I recommend you invest in it. That said, I am not expecting you to read a full book all because you want to buy gifts.  Just add the novel to your wishlist while I walk you through some of its teachings.

  • Acts of service
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation
  • Gifts

One who loves affirmation words will love nothing more than verbal compliments; the shortest and simplest praises can be sufficient. 

Do write ups celebrating this person. Thirty to fifty handwritten cards is not a terrible idea if you have the time and patience. I would like it more if the messages were being read to me.
Look for creative ways to present your gifts. A cute setup will help.

A framed quote is another idea. You can quote him, and this is a great way to show you are listening and attentive in every conversation you've shared.

Public validation on social media is perfect, especially if your partner is into social media. Post and tag them in a post where you sing their praises. You can go crazy by posting at an hour interval that is about 15 posts on Christmas Day.

If your partner's love language is acts of service, it can be hard getting them gifts. I know because my husband is one who you can only impress by service. 

It is hard not to give up on this kind of person because no one wants to work during the holiday. 

I already have plans to make some Christmas delicacies, and I know he is about to kiss the hell out of me.

I have noticed that people who love acts of service like thisso because they want to stress you. 

It all starts with them; their ever-busy and working lifestyle has conditioned them to fall in love with anything that will help ease their workload.

Go for something to relieve their work stress. So, if the male in your life is one to clear out the grass at the weekend, you might consider getting him an autograss cutter.

If he hates disorganization, get him an organizer. They do require some thought, time, and effort.

Some men want some quality time. No televisions. No smartphones. No distractions. 

If this is your partner's primary language, they don't just want to be included during this period; they want to be the centre of your attention.

Planning a perfect gift will go towards creating a moment for both of you. 

All-day together, dinner together, a surprise trip.

Is he into physical touch? Create a situation that will involve a lot of touching. You know what I mean.😁 Married couples only.

Be intentional about showing affection, holding hands, cuddling/hugs, massages.

For one who is shopping for a male who loves receiving gifts, shopping for their gift will be a perfect idea. 

A meaningful or thoughtful gift will make such a person excited. Find out what he needs or is obsessed over, and you have yourself a perfect Christmas gift.
Let's not forget the taste of who you are buying a gift for. Some people want expensive gifts, while some do not mind.

If the person you're buying a gift for is someone who pays attention to the little details like brands or quality, you should go towards the line of things you feel they will appreciate. 

Considering looking up the kind of brands they like, the colours they prefer, and textures they love. 

Below I have linked some stores where you can shop for gifts.


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  1. My husband doesn't like it when I mention him on Social Media - I suppose everyone's different but he would love to be quoted I think :)

    1. Thanks for contributing Seadbeady. Consider paying attention to his love language, I am sure this will help you figure out what he will appreciate.

  2. My husband's love language is physical touch, I'll have to keep this in mind.

  3. Oh wow! So many choices! Thanks for sharing these gift guide. It's a huge help!

  4. I love the ideas as sometimes I struggle to find the appropriate gift for my hubby. I think the organizer idea is good for him

  5. Such great ideas for different types. It can be hard finding gifts for your husband for sure!

  6. As simple my husband is, choosing his gifts is always difficult. Thanks for sharing.