BLOGMAS: Christmas is Caring.

The Christmas celebration is fast approaching. I can feel the holiday wind caressing my skin with bliss and satisfaction while happiness fills my heart. 

You might be like, "Girl! Calm down; it's not even Christmas yet." Yes, I know, but I am feeling it already. 

I can't wait to give and receive gifts, to see the smiles on the faces of those I love, and to have that one moment to myself, acknowledging the perfect gift the Almighty has placed in the hands of humanity. 

Undoubtedly, some people are counting their profits, others' losses. Since I wish everybody success, Christmas is not a time to take statistics of your progress. However, it is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, the perfect gift, also a time to check yourself.

Many have their own understanding of Christmas, which I respect. However, I think Christmas is more than just my most preferred holiday; it is a gift. 

Christmas, for me, is "love giving a gift." One thing I can't bring myself to overlook is the fact that it was in our unfaithfulness that love dropped this gift that the world is yet to recover from (Jesus). 

Christmas is not just about God giving his only begotten son to save the world. I see Christmas as God giving unworthy humans a savior who happened to be his son. 

Nobody wants his enemy alive or would like his enemies to succeed, but love looked beyond betrayal, sin, and humanity's unfaithfulness to give a priceless gift.

If we choose to go by the example of God, in this period, our concern should be giving gifts to people who are unworthy of love, care, and encouragement. Provide help to those you feel should never eat off your plenty and those who are less privileged.

My message today is to show empathy. Moreso, not to remove your heart from the primary purpose we are celebrating.

I challenge you today to connect with those who are not deserving of your love: those who hurt you when you were broken, those who spat on you when you required an opportunity, and, most notably, the less privileged individuals.

Happy celebration.

Have fun with Amazon this holiday.


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  1. Beautiful sentiment. I definitely agree that christmas is about caring. We need to all be selfless and kind

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Merry Christmas in Advance.

  2. Christmas is partly about giving and being reminded to give in all forms (time, gifts, love, support, etc).

  3. Yes, it's easy to give gifts to those we love, but it's more noble to be able to give to those who we think are undeserving. May the light of God inspire us to have that giving spirit to do this.

  4. Totally agree with you on that and Christmas should be about giving and caring for others.

  5. I couldn't agree more. Christmas is all about giving and caring. We should also try to help the people in need during this time.