BLOGMAS: My Christmas Wishlist

My preferred day on the planet is coming soon, with no ifs, ands or buts, I am prepared for the big day. In as much as I referenced in a previous post that I would like to take some steps back as we get into the festive season, I am not giving up my wishlist. Now don't judge me; clearly, you have yours too, perhaps you don't but don't be the pointing finger. 

You know how they say " it is great to treat yourself", well, I am about to share with you what I consider a treat. I strongly desire to get these done before the end of this year. Hopefully, this will motivate you to set up yours. There are a few things I couldn't want anything more than to do this Christmas and I don't anticipate that Santa should act the hero. 

Christmas holds an uncommon spot in my heart, there is no specific motivation to this, I simply feel this way. Christmas is my personal thanksgiving and I am about to share what I really desire to do this holiday.


I have never done this in my life, however, this year will be an exception.  I am just wary of grumbling,  I feel like I need to lay back a little. For this reason, I am willing to abstain from food and drinks, for a period of 31 days.  Mainly to praise my way through to the new year.


I know what it means to have nearly nothing or nothing, I have had Christmas festivity where I was not celebrating. This was not on the grounds that I had little to celebrate with, it was more of the fact that I understood that there were others who had short of what we did. 

This year, I have volunteered to bring a smile to the faces of some people.  For the time being, I don't have the foggiest idea of how the entirety of this will meet up, yet I know everything will come together beautifully.


Christmas in my family is detailed but not elaborate. The distinction between our normal day and Christmas day is a bottle of champagne and a Christmas film. Regularly we have the Italian family staple for Christmas but this year, I would love to do something else and I truly trust I can pull this off. 

As of  today, the 13th December 2019, I am 13 days into my soberity exercise.

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