MARCH- The Books of the Month.

Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb

After the end of her marriage, Kate Granger has retreated to her parents’ home on Lake Superior to pull herself together—only to discover the body of a murdered woman washed into the shallows. Tucked in the folds of the woman’s curiously vintage gown is an infant, as cold and at peace as its mother. No one can identify the woman. Except for Kate. She’s seen her before. In her dreams…

One hundred years ago, a love story ended in tragedy, its mysteries left unsolved. It’s time for the lake to give up its secrets. As each mystery unravels, it pulls Kate deeper into the eddy of a haunting folktale that has been handed down in whispers over generations. Now, it’s Kate’s turn to listen.

As the drowned woman reaches out from the grave, Kate reaches back. They must come together, if only in dreams, to right the sinister wrongs of the past. Review

Rise of the Indies: Prequel to the Emerson Chronicles
by D.P. Rowell

In Yutara, no one knows the witches have taken over.
Marty Halder is a corporate rock star, and he's about to reach the top of the ladder when he discovers something. His company's clients are exhibiting strange behaviors and symptoms, and upon further investigation, he discovers something even more peculiar. Witches might be behind it all, and Marty's snooping around is making him their primary target.
Then it gets worse.
Upon his final hours, Marty's father passes something down to him. He calls it a family heirloom, but Marty soon discovers it's something of much greater value. And danger. This is the Emerson Stone, and as legend has it, it's the only thing that can stop the witches from taking over Yutara.
There's just one problem. Analysts aren't trained to fight witches.  Review

The Pineys
by Tony DiGerolamo

From the creator of the Jersey Devil comic book comes a story about four cousins cursed by their ancestors, brought together by destiny and trying to keep South Jersey from going to Hell.

In 1732, Mother Leeds gave birth to the infamous Jersey Devil, which has roamed the Pine Barrens ever since.

Or so the story goes…

The truth is, Mother Leeds was a witch and opened the portals to Hell unleashing hundreds of devils into woods. But the villagers next door in Abe’s Hat noticed and formed a secret hunting society to track down the fiends and send them back to the Abyss. Their descendants continue the Hunt in secret to this day.

So grab your pork roll, put on your Piney Power hat and join the hunt, because the Galloway cousins are coming to save you whether you like it or not.  Review

Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign 

The SCION SAGA SERIES is an exhilarating young adult series of adversity, bravery, and determination that chronicles the lives of 16-year-olds Adam and Carly, who embark on a familial adventure, discovering their supernatural abilities are accompanied by the most dire of consequences. These teens are Descendants of extinct Russian bloodlines, easily identifiable by their glowing Limbal Rings. They're under constant threat of extermination at the hands of The Iksha -- an elite,but murderous group of scientists. The series includes a veritable myriad of familial situations that create stronger bonds between the bloodlines as they band together to fight for their existence.  Review

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