10 Reasons You Should Consider Blogging

There are tons of reasons you should consider blogging. It is no news that people get money, a career, flexibility, and opportunities for just being a blogger. Bloggers get countless opportunities if they make the right moves. 

That said, now and then, we hear that blogging is dead. I can't confirm this to be true because I am yet to see an obituary, and I have not gone to its funeral. Jokes aside, blogging remains relevant to the point where many are still searching for ways to be part of it.

Nobody speaks on how blogging helps you develop yourself intellectually and contributes to a person's well-being.

Blogging has helped mold me to be who I am 4 years after starting. As a housewife who once had a career or is used to working, blogging has helped me fill that void. 

It has exposed me to different people around the world, even if I am an introvert. And for some weird reason, it fulfills me. And I will share with you how, together with other perks that come with blogging.

Here are the reasons you should consider blogging:


Blogging is a lucrative act and art to be a part of; it bestows its creators the ability to speak to billions of people worldwide. Just by moving your fingers. 

Not very different from standing in the presence of billions of people to give a speech. The catch is that you don't have to deal with stage fright, anxiety, or an inferiority complex. And if you have to face people, it will no longer be as exhausting as zero exposure.

You get access to countless people from across the world. This makes sharing your story, experience, and training very easy.


Blogging allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Blogging is an excellent alternative to the typical nine-to-five work schedule.

As much as I will not encourage you to quit your day job because you have decided to start telecommuting, blogging gives you a better balance between work and life. 

Meaning, you are your boss. You can spend time with your family and friends. Take out time for yourself and plan your work schedules as you desire. I guess this is everyone's dream job.


One important reason you should consider blogging is that it can gain you the financial independence you desire.

Consistent and hard-working bloggers have been able to build their careers and empires through blogging. It has contributed to sustaining people and has helped them live their best life.


Google is super happy with bloggers, and our innovativeness is appreciated. Let's leave it as we make their market boom. 

The beauty of this is you are adding value to the blogging industry. Ultimately, blogging brings a smile to you, Google, and those for whom you provide a solution.


It is exciting and fulfilling when my blog visitors commend my work. It makes me feel special. It makes me check and recheck everything I put out. Above all, knowing I am adding value to someone somewhere makes me feel at the top of my game.

Blogging has improved my confidence, and I wouldn't trade this for anything except Jesus.

I have touched lives, blessed many, and been a source of inspiration for many. 


Have you ever thought of being a star? This is another reason you should consider blogging. Blogging gives you a platform to share yourself with the world. In return, people, brands, and companies could consider working with you. 

Working with brands could get you free items, sponsorships, monetary rewards, among others. You could appear on media or get partnership opportunities. Just put in the work and build your authority in your niche.

Checking my email and finding collaboration requests is everything! I know I would reject some offers and say no to some suggestions, but having them contact me makes me feel like I am doing the right thing, and I am being noticed.

To sum up, blogging can open diverse doors of opportunity for you.


Blogging has helped me dynamically connect with readers. It gives room for meaningful feedback, which is very important. Frankly, it makes the whole process fun.

Today I have friends from all walks of life. We have never met, but I feel connected, loved, and respected by these people. 

I have gotten gifts and have had chats that have contributed significantly to how I see and perceive people. As one who likes to keep to myself, this has helped me a lot.


If for nothing at all, a huge reason you should consider blogging is it challenges you to be the best you can.

Blogging puts you in a position where you are always looking for the best way to improve yourself. 

For instance, I have discovered that my writing style has evolved. Looking back at my old posts makes me question my serenity and my ability to write. I have grown so much over time.

Also, my desire for committee tasks has increased. My communication skills have also evolved for the best.

Strangely, I am now addicted to writing, and I consider that a good thing. I prefer to be addicted to an act that secures my bag than a habit that could ruin me.

In summary, blogging can be a creative outlet.


Blogging has a more flexible mechanism. Writing a blog has its own rules, but it is not as complicated.

This is to say, you can freestyle via your blog. You can choose to go professional, informal, or conversational; pick what works for you.

With tools and resources all over the internet, you can start your blog with the two shakes of a dog's tail. You can also check below for articles that can help you create your blogging quest.

Start from where you are. As you progress, you must consider growing and improving yourself.


Another top reason you should consider blogging is to leverage your love for blogging into other arts. 

Thanks to blogging, I have written five books and published two. I have gotten the opportunity to feature amazing people in the business. I have sold my services to those who are interested.

Because of the brand and voice, I have created through my blog, people are most likely to do business with me instead of working with zero presence online. Except, of course, they can get the needs done by someone offline.


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  1. I love blogging, it's one of my favorite hobbies.

    1. Send me the link to your blog. I will love to check it out.

  2. The first reason is the best of all. Everybody would love to work at the comfort of their own house.

  3. I really love it because it's definitely a creative outlet.

  4. All are very viable options for anybody who is ready to learn and persevere.

  5. Personally, I love the flexibility that blogging gives me! I've been writing for years now and I love it!

  6. I couldn't agree more! I started blogging as a hobby but now it's my passion (& profession) ❤

    Everything Enchanting

  7. Gracelene Dela Cruz21 January 2021 at 05:53

    Absolutely. It's so fulfilling when your blog visitors appreciate your work

  8. I like blogging a lot, it is a lot of fun. I do enjoy it. You give great reason for anyone to try it

  9. I like blogging a lot, it is a lot of fun. I do enjoy it. You give great reason for anyone to try it

  10. I'm so happy I started blogging. And all of these are more than enough reasons to keep loving it!

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