Intricate Deceptions by Jennifer Rayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Intricate Deceptions is the first book in the Intricate series by Jennifer Rayes.

Frankly, I almost dumped the book just as I started but was able to push a little longer till I got out of the disturbing scenes. 

Eventually, I completed this book, and I am glad I did. The story was thrilling, mysterious, and had a slightly romantic feel to it. 

The story is about a young lady who finds herself in a terrible place and situation. Unfortunately, she did not know how and why she was there. Thankfully, Gaia got rescued but to live in a castle with people she barely knew until she was kidnapped again, and the actual reasons behind her being wanted were unveiled.

Intricate Deceptions was fast-paced, and I enjoyed following the story. I love it did not give me what I wanted. There were certain scenes where I thought it would go right, but it went left. I am super glad the author did not spoon-feed me.

I must say, this book has a great hook. I completed the book in less than 48 hrs. after the beginning scene. I just wanted to know what happened next. 

Unfortunately, Jennifer did it. She waited for the point when it hurt the most. "THE END." Oh, boy, was I mad? I would recommend you buy the three books before starting because Jennifer's cliffhangers are savage. In my case, I got the three books in this series from Jennifer Reye.

I did not like that there were too many characters. It was challenging to keep up with them. Some are mentioned and not spoken of until very late in the book. It made me feel like, "Ummm, who is this?” Later I had to add one and two to where I first met them.

The romance part was the classic boy meets girl. I am not a big fan. Let's just see how things unfold in book two.

Finally, if you are easily triggered by violence and human trafficking, you should stay away from this book. 

Jennifer Rayes requested a review for this book and sent me a free copy. It had no impact on my thinking, and this is my honest opinion.

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  1. I really like reading book reviews. They help me to decide whether this or that book is worthy my time. Thank you for doing your review for us.

  2. Intricate Deceptions seems like a very interesting book! I will definitely add it to my to read list.

    1. I found book one to be the best of the theology

  3. Been thinking of reading this. Glad you've shared a review.

  4. Any book that's hard to put down sounds good to me, will check this out!

  5. I so love the story line.. Anything that has mysteries, suspense and horror in it, am all for it.. guess i would check it out.

  6. That is a book I would love to read, it seems like a book I would def enjoy!

  7. The title alone is enough to get me to pick it up. I'm sure it was hard to put down.

  8. Thrill, mystery and romance combined. Seems quite an interesting read. Loved your suggestion.

  9. Sounds like an interesting read! Will have to check it out.