Intricate Intentions by Jennifer Rayes

Intricate Intentions (Intricate, #2)

Intricate Intentions by Jennifer Rayes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Intricate Intentions is the second book in the Intricate series by Jennifer Rayes.

I love that it picks up from where the last book left off. It was straight to the point, and most of my burning questions got an answer.

I am still unsure if I like this better or not. I feel like the first book was the better book. It gave the foundation upon which the second would stand. 

I like that I got to meet and understand Dominique more. I knew there was something about him, as he's not such a good representation.

I went from really liking Raoul to being irritated by his actions. His character came off as too needy in this book. To this, I say calm down! Everyone was poised. It took a toll on all of the victims. Just give Gaia a break and stop being a child. 

The romance part that was taunting in the first book was more visible in the second book. I am not a fan of exhausting romance stories, and this book's love triangle will get you exhausted. It was hard to pair Gaia with any of the men in the love triangle. One minute, there is chemistry between Gaia and Dominique; the next minute, it feels better to be with the prince.

I found the second book to be more graphic than the first. 

As I mentioned in my first book, there are many characters to keep up with; after reading the second book, I can confidently say it was confusing.

After book one, I knew I needed to grab book two. But after the second book, I am not sure I want to move on to the third.

It was all over the place, but I got what I want from reading book two.

Jennifer Rayes requested a review for this book and sent me a free copy. It had no impact on my thinking, and this is my honest opinion.

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