The answer to this question is that you can blog about anything. 

With my experience, I can boldly say that if you have a story, experience, or hobby, blogging can work for you, since you have the willingness to bring your writing dreams to life. 


One compelling way of getting followers while building an online brand is presenting through your blog something that people can find relatable. 

Sharing your life through your online journal will undoubtedly have an interested group of people flooding your website.

Over the years, people have sold their stories to us, and surprisingly, we still pay to keep up with them.

It all boils down to the fact that the sellers are presenting something interesting, relatable, and entertaining. 



Experience is everything! Blogging about what you have excellent knowledge in is a fantastic way of speedily growing your brand online.

Having experience is not only you having work experience, but also including you sharing life and timely experiences. 

A vital key to writing about your experience is sitting down and identifying what you have excellent knowledge about.

You might have experience in housekeeping, family life, the stock exchange, economic finance, teaching, or cooking; pick a topic based on your experience. 

Considering that the fastest way to seek help today is by asking Google, sharing your knowledge will surely come in handy. 


Blogging about activities you have great interest and enthusiasm towards can be a great topic to build your blog around. 

I consider this the most comfortable place to start building your potential blog topics. Unfortunately, coming out of your comfort zone does not work with blogging. 

To blog about a particular topic requires for you to be passionate, by and large, and you can only be passionate when you blog about something you love.

Do you spend all of your time knitting, reading, drawing, gaming, gossiping, travelling, or watching comedy movies? Your whole blog can spotlight what you love doing.

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  1. that's how I started my blog, writing about my hobby, but it turned out to be much more than that

  2. Amen. I started my blog as a journal about my life. I think it's important to share yourself.

  3. Wonderful tips for those who don't know what to blog about. Laways make it your own story and share your own experiences.

  4. It is a challenge to come up with the blog topics but as you said, the start is always to read the audience and ask them what they wanted.

  5. This post is very timely. I had been on blogging hiatus for over a month since I am not really sure on what to write. Thus, I am so happy I got to bump into your post. You have given me so many ideas. Thank you!