Intricate Obsessions by Jennifer Rayes

Intricate Obsessions (Intricate, #3)

Intricate Obsessions by Jennifer Rayes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Intricate Obsessions is the third book in the Intricate series by Jennifer Rayes.

More revelations, action, suspense, and, of course, partial wins for Gaia; however, this was my least favorite in this series.

Gaia's dog was killed. Who does that? Gaia's dog was more useful and active than some characters in the book. I guess I'm just getting in my feelings, but this left some bad taste in my mouth.

My emotions were all over. Sometimes I was happy; there has been a break, and the next minute, there is a more challenging issue.

Gaia got poisoned! What? A lady who has been through a lot, from book one until book three, should make better choices.  The way and manner she quickly fell for the trap made me not care for her character. 

Book two left me unsure if I wanted to continue with the series, and book three just confirmed that I will get hypotension in book four. 

This is where I call it close. 

Jennifer Rayes requested a review for this book and sent me a free copy. It had no impact on my thinking, and this is my honest opinion.

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