CHOICES: A Sweet Christian Romance (Eron Outsiders Book 2)

CHOICES: A Sweet Christian Romance (Eron Outsiders Book 2)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Choices by Rose Fresquez is the kind of story I would love to see more of in other love stories.

The story, the setting, and the characters contributed to making my love for this book intense.

The primary reason I wouldn't say I like love stories is that they are too exhausting; this book, however, is one that has proved me wrong and has given me a reason to try some love stories here and there.

Chloe, a fashion designer, and Zach, a physician. They are two brave souls who find love.
Chloe has an entanglement she does not dare to confront or address. While Zach has to make a decision fast or the woman he loves will be well on her way to the hands of another man.

Well written and easy to read. There wasn’t a dull moment reading this book. Not because it was fast-paced but because it was interesting enough to follow even if the pace was slow.

Overall, it was a fantastic read; I enjoyed it.

It was free of profanities, violence, and sex scenes.

I got a free copy from the author; however, this did not influence my evaluation.

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