First Site (The Buchanans) by Rose Fresquez

First Site (The Buchanans)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First Site by Rose Fresquez is a good book. I had fun reading this material, even if there were times when my eyebrows were raised.

Rose's stories are always sweet with a massive Christian faith element, and this book did not fall far from this characteristic.

I happened to read the second book first. Thankfully, it was a stand-alone novel, so I did not encounter any great difficulty.

After book two, I was curious to learn more about Ezra and Leila's story, which was flaunted worldwide as an example of the perfect couple. As it turned out, Ezra and Leila had their struggles also.

The protagonists were very likeable, and I loved their personalities. And the other characters weren't dull either.
I wouldn't say I liked how the book dragged on for no good reason—Ezra's constant habit of living in the past and using his past to judge his future frustrated me as a reader. I understand the insecurities aspect, but can't bring myself to appreciate his indecisiveness. Just make a decision, Ezra.

Overall, it was an excellent story, simple to read and follow. The book could be an exhausting read for some readers, especially when you have to deal with big babies.

It was free of profanities, violence, and sex scenes, which is a massive plus.

I got a free copy from the author. However, this did not influence my evaluation of the book.

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  1. When I read something and it's part of a series, I feel like I can't rest until I have all of the books needed.

  2. Hmm, sounds like something I might want to look into!

  3. I've never heard of Rose Fresquez to be honest, I can't wait to check this book out. Thanks a lot for the recos.

  4. Good that you could read them separately - if it makes you want to read the first one that's a good sign