Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams is a book I picked up because there was so much talk about it.

The story is about Queenie Jenkins, a young Black lady who is already a mess in her 20s. This got me asking what her future would be like.

The story's pace was not fast, but neither was it slow; it was just as I like it.

The story was not dull, but it was annoying. Queenie continually making bad choices did not make it better.
One thing I could not stand is that the whole book surrounds Black women stereotypes. Everything Queenie does shows it, and it makes me roll my eyes.

Black women are not always angry or yelling; they don't go out sleeping with all the men in their community because they are insecure. I need to say this because I know some shallow-minded humans will consider this as how all Black girls behave.

There is already enough burden and load we have to carry because of our skin colour, and I am sure a good story can be created without a character that proves whether what others think we are is valid.

Maybe I am just expressing my feelings. After all, it is not my story; it is a story about Queenie. I will never overlook that Queenie's story might be the reality of what someone is going through.

Overall, I found the story to be interesting yet sad. Did I get depressed after reading a book? Yeah! That's messed up.

That said, I love Queenie's grandparents, especially her grandma. They were a breath of fresh air.

It was not free of profanities, violence, and sex scenes.

Overall, this is not the kind of book I would usually read.

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